sergey hohlov

Born in 1979 in Noginsk, Moscow region.

Despite the lack of an art education, Sergey has a huge creative potential and an unusual perception of forms and materials.
He participated in such group exhibitions as SCULPTURE HERE (Gallery "Here on Taganka", 2020) and AN EXHIBITION CODENAMED LUNA (Art Center "Printing Workshop", 2021).

His works are represented in the galleries Guild of Temple Builders (Moscow) and Oi Va Voi (Venice), as well as in private collections.


● 2024 CATALOG, Sytin's printing house (Moscow)

● 2024 ETERNAL RETURN (personal exhibition, Moscow)

● 2023 CATALOG, Sytin's printing house (Moscow)

● 2023 ART MOSCOW, Gostiny Dvor (Moscow)

● 2023 VICIOUS CIRCLE (personal exhibition, Moscow)


● 2023 WHITE TICKET, Zverev Center for Contemporary Art (Moscow)

● 2022 THE EDGE (personal exhibition, Moscow)

● 2022 WORD. SOURCE CODE, Kremlin, Khazine (Kazan)

● 2022 ART MOSCOW, Gostiny Dvor (Moscow)

● 2022 ON THE STREAM. AFTER THE ICON, Zaryadye (Moscow)

● 2022 HAPPY COLLECTORS YEARS 2022 (Moscow)

● 2021 ANTIQUE SALON, Gostiny Dvor (Moscow)

● 2021 Da!MOSCOW, Ekaterina Foundation (Moscow)

● 2021 HOUSE OF THE LORD, Usovo-Spasskoye Center (Moscow)

● 2021 CODENAMED LUNA, Printing Shop (Moscow)

● 2021 SCULPTURE HERE, Gallery "Here on Taganka" (Moscow)