karen shahverdyan

Karen Shahverdyan was born in 1969 in the village of Odzun in Armenia. In 1988, he graduated from the Art College named after Terlemezyan was born in Yerevan, and in 1995 completed his studies at the State Academy of Arts in Tbilisi. In 1989-1999 he studied at the graduate school of the State Academy, at the Faculty of Restoration of painting.

Since 1999, he has been living in Darmstadt, engaged in painting and graphics. Karen Shahverdyan regularly participates in international art fairs and exhibitions. His works are in private collections in Germany, Russia, the USA, Israel, Switzerland, France and Greece.

Being an experienced connoisseur of the styles and techniques of the old masters, Karen Shahverdyan uses a modern approach in which technical mastery is not an end in itself or the basis of artistic expression. In his interpretation, it is rather a tool with which new content is created in works of art. The artist departs from ordinary painting and experiments with real visual elements, with landscapes,


● 2020 ART KARLSRUHE, Kunst Kompetenz Petra Kern (Heidelberg)

● 2019 COMING SOON, October, Asia Contemporary Art Show, Red Square Gallery

● 2019 Skoufa Gallery (Mykonos)

● 2019 CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR BASEL, Kunst Kompetenz Petra Kern (Heidelberg)

● 2019 Kunst Kompetenz Petra Kern, Thomas Müller (Kelkheim)

● 2019 AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, Red Square Gallery (Hong Kong)

● 2019 ART KARLSRUHE, One-Artist-Show, Kunst Kompetenz Petra Kern (Heidelberg)

● 2018 ART KARLSRUHE, Kunst Kompetenz Petra Kern (Heidelberg)

● 2017 ART KARLSRUHE, Kunst Kompetenz Petra Kern (Heidelberg)

● 2016 ART KARLSRUHE, Kunst Kompetenz Petra Kern (Heidelberg)

● 2015 SWISS-HOTEL, Wirtschaftsclub Russland (Мoscow)

● 2015 SUMMER GALA, French-Russian Chamber of Commerce (Мoscow)

● 2014 HOTEL NIKOL'SKAYA KEMPINSKI, Wirtschaftsclub Russland, (Мoscow)

● 2014 WINTER GALA, French-Russian Chamber of Commerce, (Мoscow)


● 2012 Golkar-Artprojects (Köln)

● 2012 Karen Shahverdyan, Das Offene Atelier (Darmstadt)

● 2011 Galerie Netuschil (Darmstadt)

● 2011 ART FAIR DUSSELDORF, Galerie-G, Heidelberg

● 2010 ANTIQUE & KUNSTMESSE DUSSELDORF, Galerie-G, (Heidelberg)

● 2010 ART FAIR, Darmstadtium (Darmstadt)

● 2009 PENTAGRAMM, Galerie-G (Heidelberg)

● 2009 ABSTRAKTE REALITAT, Damenbau Fürstenlager, (Bensheim)